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Executive Orders of the Governor

Office of the Governor

  • Executive Order No. 2017-01 - Executive Order Declaring a State of Energy Emergency and Temporarily Exempting Certain Carriers From Hours of Service Regulations Under Idaho Law to Help Meet Fuel Demands
  • Executive Order No. 2017-02 - Findings of the Idaho Cybersecurity
    Cabinet Task Force
  • Executive Order No. 2017-03 - Creating the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance
  • Executive Order No. 2017-04 - Creating the Interagency Student Services Support Committee
  • Executive Order No. 2017-05 - Continuing the Idaho Invasive Species Council and Replacing Executive Order 2010-14
  • Executive Order No. 2017-06 - On Reviewing the Necessity for and the Applicability and Processing of Licensure Requirements for Individuals Engaged or Desiring to be Engaged or Employed in Technical, Professional or Other Occupations Within the State of Idaho, Emphasizing the Effect of Licensure Requirements on Idaho Employment Opportunities

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