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Idaho Administrative Bulletins

All notices of proposed rules that publish in the Administrative Bulletin include instructions on how and when to provide input. When the comment period is over, state agencies consider all public input thoroughly and make appropriate changes before proceeding with the adoption of a pending rule.

Bulletin Publication Schedule

Administrative Bulletins

What is an Administrative Bulletin?

The Idaho Administrative Bulletin is a compilation of all administrative rulemaking documents in Idaho, executive orders of the Governor, and other documents required by state law to be published in the Bulletin. It is published monthly by the Division of Financial Management's Office of the Administrative Rules Coordinator.

Public Participation in Rulemaking

State law requires that the public receive notification when a state agency initiates proposed rulemaking procedures and be given an opportunity to comment to that rulemaking. Notification of a proposed rulemaking is provided through a Legal Notice that publishes in local newspapers whenever a proposed rulemaking is being published in the Bulletin. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that publishes in the Bulletin specifies the time and manner in which written comments and requests for public hearings must be submitted to the agency on that rulemaking. After the public comment period closes, the agency considers fully all information received regarding the proposed rule. The requirement to provide an opportunity to comment to a rulemaking applies to proposed rules only and is not required for any other rulemaking activity.

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