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Administrative Rules have the force and effect of law and as such,
are subject to a comprehensive process that includes review and approval
by the Idaho Legislature in order to become final and enforceable.

A compilation of all legally-promulgated administrative rules that are currently in effect and fully enforceable.

The monthly publication of amendments to or repeals of current rules, newly-proposed rules, Executive Orders of the Governor, and other related rules documents.

Idaho Administrative Procedure Act

Title 67, Chapter 52, Idaho Code

DFM's Administrative Rules Request Form (ARRF)

Rulemaking Templates

A compilation of all rulemaking notices.

Negotiated Rulemaking Notices

Current Notices of Intent to Promulgate - Negotiated Rulemaking published in the Administrative Bulletin.

Public Hearings Schedule

Scheduled public hearings published in the Administrative Bulletin.

Legislative Services Office Analyses of Proposed Rules

Proposed rules submitted to and analyzed by LSO for interim legislative review.

Rule Writer's Manual

A guide to Idaho's rulemaking process.

Current Proposed Rule Changes

Index of current agency proposed rulemaking.

Public Participation in Rulemaking

How to comment on Proposed Rule Changes.

Legal Notice of Proposed Rule Changes

  • Public notice of proposed rule changes is provided through legal notices that are published in Idaho newspapers. These notices invite public input and provide brief descriptions of each proposed rule.

Additional Information and Resources