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Index of the Current Proposed Rules

Changes are published in the monthly Administrative Bulletin. Public comment and requests for hearings are solicited on all proposed rule changes. A proposed rule is not effective or enforceable until it completes the comment and review process, is adopted by the agency, and is submitted for legislative review and approval.

Index of the Current Proposed Rules

This is a numerical list of the proposed rules that are currently being promulgated. The proposed rules are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Please see our page about PDFs for links to reader software download sites and trouble shooting tips.

Department of Agriculture

Department Of Juvenile Corrections

  • 05-0102-1301 - Rules and Standards for Secure Juvenile Detention Centers

Division of Building Safety

  • 07-0106-1301 - Rules Governing the Use of National Electrical Code
  • 07-0110-1301 - Rules Governing Certification and Approval of Electrical Products and Materials
  • 07-0501-1301 - Rules of the Public Works Contractors License Board
  • 07-0701-1301 - Rules Governing Installation of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems

Education, State Board of and State Department of

Idaho State Police

  • 11-0402-1301 - Rules Governing Simulcasting
  • 11-0411-1301 - Rules Governing Equine Veterinary Practices, Permitted Medications, Banned Substances and Drug Testing of Horses
  • 11-1001-1301 (Fee Rule) - Rules Governing Idaho Public Safety and Security Information System
  • 11-1002-1301 - Rules Establishing Fees for Services - Idaho Criminal Justice Information System

Idaho Fish and Game Commission

Board of Registration For Professional Geologists

  • 14-0101-1301 - Rules of Procedure of the Board of Registration for Professional Geologists

Office of The Governor

Military Division - Bureau Of Homeland Security

Department of Health and Welfare

  • 16-0101-1301 - Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Advisory Committee (EMSAC)
  • 16-0102-1301 - Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Rule Definitions
  • 16-0103-1301 - Emergency Medical Services (EMS) -- Agency Licensing Requirements
  • 16-0107-1301 - Emergency Medical Services (EMS) -- Personnel Licensing Requirements
  • 16-0112-1301 - Emergency Medical Services (EMS) -- Complaints, Investigations, and Disciplinary Actions
  • 16-0203-1301 - Emergency Medical Services
  • 16-0301-1301 - Eligibility for Health Care Assistance for Families and Children
  • 16-0304-1301 - Rules Governing the Food Stamp Program in Idaho
  • 16-0305-1301 - Rules Governing Eligibility for Aid to the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (AABD)
  • 16-0306-1301 - Refugee Medical Assistance
  • 16-0309-1301 - Medicaid Basic Plan Benefits
  • 16-0310-1301 - Medicaid Enhanced Plan Benefits
  • 16-0315-1301 - Rules and Minimum Standards for Semi-Independent Group Residential Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled or Mentally Ill
  • 16-0504-1301 - Rules of the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance Grant Funding
  • 16-0506-1301 (Fee Rule) - Criminal History and Background Checks
  • 16-0507-1301 - The Investigation and Enforcement of Fraud, Abuse, and Misconduct
  • 16-0601-1301 - Child and Family Services
  • 16-0612-1301 - Rules Governing the Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP)
  • 16-0730-1301 - Behavioral Health Community Crisis Centers

Industrial Commission

  • 17-0209-1301 - Medical Fees
  • 17-0210-1301 - Administrative Rules of the Industrial Commission Under the Workers’ Compensation Law -- Security for Compensation -- Insurance Carriers
  • 17-0211-1301 - Administrative Rules of the Industrial Commission Under the Workers’ Compensation Law -- Security for Compensation -- Self-Insured Employers

Department Of Insurance

  • 18-0123-1301 - Rules Pertaining to the Idaho Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Act
  • 18-0150-1301 - Adoption of the International Fire Code

Idaho State Board Of Dentistry

Division of Veterans Services

  • 21-0102-1301 - Rules Governing Emergency Relief for Veterans
  • 21-0108-1301 - Rules Governing Veterans Recognition Fund Grant Program

Board of Medicine

Board of Nursing

Bureau of Occupational Licenses

Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board

  • 25-0101-1201 - Rules of the Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board

Idaho State Parks And Recreation

Board of Pharmacy

Department of Commerce

  • 28-0207-1301 - Rules Governing the Administration of the IGEM Grant Program

Idaho Public Utilities Commission

  • 31-0101-1301 - Rules of Procedure of the Idaho Public Utilities Commission
  • 31-7103-1301 - Railroad Safety and Accident Reporting Rules

Real Estate Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Department of Administration

  • 38-0406-1301 - Rules Governing Use of the Exterior of State Property in the Capitol Mall and Other State Facilities
  • 38-0408-1301 - Rules Governing Use of Idaho State Capitol Exterior

Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho State Lottery Commission

  • 52-0102-1301 - Gaming Rules of the Idaho State Lottery Commission

Idaho Barley Commission

Sexual Offender Management Board

Department of Environmental Quality

Public Employees Retirement System - PERSI

  • 59-0106-1301 - Retirement Rules of The Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)

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