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Index of the Current Proposed Rules

Changes are published in the monthly Administrative Bulletin. Public comment and requests for hearings are solicited on all proposed rule changes. A proposed rule is not effective or enforceable until it completes the comment and review process, is adopted by the agency, and is submitted for legislative review and approval.

Index of the Current Proposed Rules

This is a numerical list of the proposed rules that are currently being promulgated. The proposed rules are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Please see our page about PDFs for links to reader software download sites and trouble shooting tips.

State Board of and State Department of Education, Regents of the University of Idaho

Department of Administration

  • 38-0404-1501 - Rules Governing Capitol Mall Parking
  • 38-0407-1501 - Rules Governing Use of the Interior of State Property in the Capitol Mall and Other State Facilities

Department of Environmental Quality

Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI)


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